Green tea, Strawberry Lavender, and Red Velvet-oh my!

What do these 3 distinct cupcakes have in common (aside from the obvious answers i.e. they’re sweet, round, and their cupcakes etc.)?


…They’ve all been made with vanilla bean cake batter as their base!

In my previous post: I alluded to the rest of the cake batter being used elsewhere. With a vanilla bean cake batter as a starting point, I decided to make cupcakes with the batter that I had left from my ruffle cake.


Matcha Green Tea Cupcake with a dark chocolate web on top

 To achieve this flavor:

I mixed 1-2 tablespoons of matcha green tea powder (from Ten Ren: into the batter. Simply light, not-too sweet and delightful! Both green tea and dark chocolate in moderation have received endless praise about their antioxidants…so I guess this makes the cupcake slightly healthy? 😉


– Strawberry Lavender Cupcake

 To achieve this flavor:

When I opened my fridge, I became inspired by the locally grown and made Ontario strawberry lavender jam I picked up at Farmer’s Daughter in Huntsville, ON. Check this link for more info:

Intrigued by its flavour and potential, I whisked a tablespoon of the jam into 3/4 cup of the vanilla cake batter. Mixing the jam into to the icing added a summer-like dimension to the cupcake. There was just a hint of lavender that wasn’t overbearing. It elevated the taste of the strawberry and complimented the vanilla bean.

And finally…


-A Red Velvet cupcake with a fondant flower on top

To achieve this trendy favourite cupcake:

OK, as appealing as the red velvet cupcake is, for some reason I feel less impressed after finding out that it’s basically a lot of red-food coloring and hint of cocoa. (Did anyone else get that feeling or was it just me?) Nonetheless, it is still very yummy! For this flavour, I added 2 tablespoons of dutch cocoa powder and 2 tablespoons of red food coloring paste (Wilton-Bulk Barn sells them in a set for a reasonable price) to 3/4 cup of vanilla bean batter.  If I were making a larger batch, may I suggest the no-taste food coloring paste variety? (Emphasizing the paste because the watery stuff just isn’t as vibrant). It came out delicious and very “red-velvet” like. For the flower: I used a small gum-paste cutter but a small cookie cutter-works great with fondant. It just made it more cute. 🙂 You don’t even have to use fondant. You can mold Starburst candy (or any sort of taffy-like candy) into the shape you desire! So much fun.

Who knew that vanilla bean cake batter made such a great base for a variety of flavours? Has anyone else made cupcakes from left-over cake batter before?  What did you make?

Happy exploring and cheers to the ever versatile and scrumptious vanilla bean cake batter!







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