DIY Cake Boards

Walk into your bulk or craft store and you’ll typically find that cake boards are sold for at least $1.99 each!  DIY cake boards are not only cost-effective, but so fun to customize! Grab a foam board and some foil, and you’ll be set for some basic cake boards!

Basic Cake Board Cost Break-Down:
*completely subjective and based on where you live -all approximately Canadian $’s

I made 6 cake boards in total! 4 for 5-6″ cakes and 2 for 9″ cakes

1 Foam Board Circle= $0.57  (based on a cake board selling for $2.99 + tax)

1- 1 and 1/2 square feet of Aluminum foil= $0.20

(How do I calculate the cost of a couple slicks of glue stick?)

Basic Cost of a Cake Board= approx. $0.77

$0.77 vs. at least $1.99...Think we have a winner here!

What I used…

Screenshot 2014-08-20 23.14.06

+ 1 Foam Board
+ Cake Pans at least an inch bigger than the cake you wish to place on it (or trace around whatever works)
+ Glue Stick or Glue Gun
+ Aluminum Foil
+ Scissors AND/or X-Acto knife
+ Pencil to trace… and

Fun things to decorate your cake board with! *optional

1. Trace around your cake pan and cut! Using scissors to cut off the uneven ends helps with this after your shape pops out.
2. Place the board on a piece of foil (about 2 inches bigger than the foam board)
3. Dab some glue around the outside of the cake board (This will allow your foil to stick and stay)
4. Carefully fold the foil in and smooth it out to your liking!

5.  Use your imagination/theme of the cake and decorate to your heart’s content!

Think these would be cute for showers?

Enjoy making your own! Thanks for reading.




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