Welcome to my baking blog.

It all began with watching my culinary arts (desserts) trained mom bake and decorate cakes as young child. The apartment would be filled with the sweet aroma of treats. I always remember the feel-good smiles that followed once people received the baked goods. Different waves of adversity hit her and and our family so a lot of the equipment that she purchased, just collected dust.Ā  I always remember having a love for baking and feeding people. Fast-track a couple decades and then some-baking is a hobby that I thoroughly enjoy. My mom currently pursues the arts with her career (as a makeup artist), and paints leisurely.Ā  šŸ™‚ God is constantly good-in the ups and downs.

You’re welcome to follow along as I share tips, talk about my errors, and reflect on my baking endeavors.



A throwback snapshot… 50th anniversary cake made by my mom. Gotta love the 80’s with the column pillars.


“She is….”

-A 24 year old Torontonian grad student

-Saved by Grace

-A lover of: meaningful conversations, anything chubby, adding soundtracks to life, and colour-coding

-An inheritor of a Kitchen Aid at least 5 years older than herself.
Please send any inquiries to:

Thank you kindly for visiting! šŸ™‚


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